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Hazel Whyte
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Witch O' Fife
A simple brief
thought on Scottish

Were the outdated
union not of some very
high value to England and
the English, why would
they fight so to try to
keep it?

There are only so many
slices to a pie, for one to
have more, another must
have less.

Lastly - to those Scottish
"Loyalists" - to whom are
you loyal?
Scots royalty died in the
1700's so it can be no
Scots crown - And
certainly not it appears to
those who came before,
that bled for Scotland
and her freedom !  
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Hurray, hurray, the jade's away
Like a rocket of air with her bandalet
I'm up in the air on my bonnie gray mare
But I see her yet, I see her yet

I'll ring the skirts o' the gowden wain
Wi' curb and bit, wi' curb and bit
And catch the Bear by the frozen mane
And I see her yet, I see her yet

Away, away o'er mountain and main
To sing at the morning's rosy yett
And water my mare in its fountain clear
But I see her yet, I see her yet

Away, thou bonnie witch o' Fife
On foam of the air to heave and flit
And little reck thou of the poet's life
For he sees thee yet, he sees thee yet