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Biography - Hmmm - well I can't say I'm as happy telling
about myself as I am writing songs about others....

What I think can be said is that my life has been rather
interesting - but little different than most.
Bringing us to the present, Kansas City - where he was working
- is quickly becoming a memory. One filled with great
individuals I've had the chance to meet Bob Reeder -
Tullamore, {Mark, Rachel and Mary} - Pete Maher {Of the
Irish Focus} - and other's beyond counting who are not listed
here but most certainly not forgotten.
There followed a happy couple of years, house purchase &
myself with my music writing and singing, a rescued puppy
(Gaelan) - my husband with his work in Hazardous Materials
and drug enforcement for the government.
In 2006 it all went horribly wrong - an accident at work - and
severe irreversible chemical brain damage - many mornings for
several months I thought I'd wake a widow.
That is now in the past, things are relatively stable once again -
and life goes on. Though I don't think he'll ever work again (he's
determined he will) we have made a deal.
He can go job-hunt as soon as he
can fill out an application form
in handwriting - on the day he can, I'll drive him anywhere he
needs to go.  
Click on our picture to see the impact - yes - the same man!!
I was to return in that December to Scotland - but a "Holiday"
was suggested in the Virgin Islands - so off we went.
I was clueless - I took all my papers (In case of difficulty at
immigration as we returned to the US) - I didn't know I'd be
returning to the US a married woman - though apparently
everybody else did !!! - Thank you Victoria....
I can now say - from my perspective - marriage is one of two
things - it is either the amongst the best or worst moves you will
ever make, with very little middle ground between.
I met my husband when he returned to Scotland to help settle his
father's affairs (after a 27 year gap - we'd first crossed paths at
a Scotland-Sweden game in 1977) and had been in the same
group of friends since. Several months later I decided to take up
an offer and "play a little" in America - and visit this unusual
man I had known so long, yet so briefly.
I was accepted into the NHS and obtained my nursing (RN)  at
Glasgow Royal. I worked in the NHS for some time until injury
forced me to look into a new life path and eventually career.
During this period I entered into what was a less than perfect
marriage which ended after running a course longer than it
probably should have.
It was during the latter half of this period I again began to look
into music, first as an outlet - then a challenge - now a true joy.
I started out as a shop assistant - got the job because of my "my
confidence and interviewing skills" - Ha !!! I was like the swan -
so serene on the surface but paddling for dear life where it can't
be seen.
I was self teaching the guitar at this time, but sadly admit that I
have never mastered the art of reading music !!!
I started out in Paisley - the hospitals in Glasgow were full - and
at the ripe old age of three days "moved" to Clydebank where I
spent much of my childhood - eventually ending up in East
Kilbride where my family is still based.
Along the way I was told by a teacher that I couldn't sing and
couldn't hold a key - for years I believed it and wouldn't sing.
At this time we live on "Memory Maker" which we purchased
after "Kelpie" as a "permanent" home, our boat (medical
requirement was "clean food, water and air" - where better?),
and it's in the Bahamas where I'm playing occasionally. The
Bahamas ! Yes, I've also learned to sail these last three years -
all types and sizes of boats.
After my husbands' injury - his writing code for the web is no
longer feasible (though one handed hunt/peck is starting to
show improvement), so as I have to rely on other's generosity -
updates will not be frequent.

Where will we be when you read this? There have been no big
settlements or income adjustments, so for those who purchase
my music - a great thank you.

Somewhere between here and
our final destination in this life.
Still singing, still a partnership, still a family.
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